With this very simple trick, your hot car will cool down in seconds!

Great, the wheater will be relatively beautiful this week. Many of us have probably done lots of sunbathing and swimming at the beach. But there is always a disadvantage if you take a day out by car in the summer: it is a sauna in your car if you want to drive back home. One has a more luxurious car with air conditioning, the other has to do the trick by opening their windows. Of course, you can choose to buy a car at the car dealer with air conditioning, but it takes both cars with and without air conditioning a long time before the heat from the car is gone.

If you go on holiday abroad to rent a rental car, where the temperatures can easily rise up to 40 degrees, we have a handy tip to make your car cooler within seconds without air conditioning! On the next page below you will see the very handy trick that will save you a lot of time and heat in your car!