When Is A Banana Suitable For Eating? You Probably Did Not Know This Yet!

When asked when a banana is suitable for consumption, your answer will probably be “everything starting from Figure 5 is ripe enough to eat”.

In this article we explain to you that it is not that simple. Banana number 1 can also be good for you in certain cases. In this article, we discuss when you can eat which type of banana.

Banana number 7 digests the easiest. The browner a banana the faster your body can digest it. Japanese research has shown that as a banana ripens, the number of fibers, potassium, vitamin B and antioxidants increases.

Tip: keep your overripe bananas in the fridge so that they do not spoil and the vitamin is retained.

Advantages unripe bananas

Bananas 1 to 3 also have their advantages. Less mature bananas contain fewer sugars. Because you have a lower sugar intake with these bananas, it is advisable for people with diabetes II to consume this type of banana. Because green bananas digest less quickly, you feel full faster. This is ideal if you have to lose a few pounds.

Conclusion: bananas can be consumed from green to brown. Choose the right maturity based on the health goal you want to achieve.

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