What This Man Made Out Of 4 Cabinets Was Great

Almost everyone has purchased one or more pieces of furniture, a kitchen or a bathroom from the great Swedish company IKEA. You can buy a lot of things there, but you can also find many interesting articles you can use to create something very beautiful. This man bought 4 white kitchen cabinets at the IKEA. What he finally made out of those was absolutely brilliant.

The idea the man came up with saved him a lot more money than what would have cost him if he would have bought it from the store. This is definitely a great and creative do-it-yourself project which basically everyone can create at home.

You do not have to be an expert carpenter to create this amazing creation for your bedroom yourself. All you have to do is to assemble a few nice IKEA cabinets. Of course, you can choose any color for your cabinets to perfectly fit your bedroom.

His creation is really great! This man came up with the brilliant idea of ​​making a big storage space under their bed since their house was not big enough to store a lot of things. This idea already existed of course, but these IKEA cabinets have a large crawl space under the bed as well.

This bed fits most of our bedrooms. We think this definitely is a beautiful do-it-yourself creation. In the video, you can see exactly how this man got to work.

This certainly is a multifunctional bed in which you can put a lot of sleeping gear, other things and clothing which can be put in the clothing pockets this man has built in. Would you like to have a bed like this and most of all, would you like to make it yourself?

Watch the great video below about how the man converted the 4 white kitchen cabinets into a beautiful lodging in his bedroom! Share this do-it-yourself creation with your friends!