This Looks Like An Ordinary Wedding Dress, But As Soon As She Turns Around? I’m Surprised

It sounds strange, of course, but Amber used toilet paper, glue, tape, needle and thread to make this beautiful dress. She spent a few days inside her study. Even her husband and children thought she had gone crazy, making her own wedding dress using toilet paper, among other things, but this did not stop Amber from making something beautiful! Many friends thought she was crazy making a wedding dress from toilet paper, but Amber already knew what the wedding dress was going to look like.

In the end, Amber finished in a great 3rd place. In addition to her beautifully made wedding dress, she also received 2500 dollars to spend on her wedding. In the video below, you can see the amazing images of Amber’s homemade wedding dress. Would you like to make your own wedding dress?

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