This is how to keep your house cool without air conditioning. This is genius!

Do you think it’s too hot every now and then as well? Of course, we all love summer: the wonderful summer temperatures instead of all that rain! But there are also disadvantages. With these warm days, the air is not the only thing that warms up; your house can also expect a substantial increase in temperature. With isolated houses, this is not too bad, but what if your house really becomes a sauna? You can, of course, buy very expensive air conditioners or fans, but we have found a much cheaper solution!

It is, of course, annoying when you arrive home from a long day at work and your house feels like a sauna. Of course, tips like keeping all windows and doors closed and keeping the curtains closed help a little, but it is often not enough. To make this yourself, you need a freezer, amongst other things. Read the next page for a very good tip, which is not expensive at all but is especially effective.