This Cottage Is Only 6 Meters Long, But As Soon As You See The Inside, It Is Beautiful

No more work, no more fixed costs like home mortgage and other fixed costs, but just the option to travel around the world. That is a dream for many people. Jenna and Guil did it together! This couple sold their house and made something very special together. If you are creative, anything is possible. This couple decided to build a 6-meter long cottage with which they could travel around the world. No more fixed costs, like mortgage, or many other insurances.

They have currently been traveling for a little longer than a year. They have already spent the night together in many beautiful places. If you are an adventurer and would like to discover the world, this could certainly be an option. The costs of a mobile home are much lower than a house that is more involved, because of lawyer or notary costs for example. On the next page below, you can see the beautiful house on the inside!