This all-in-one cottage is only 16m2

Patrick Romero and his wife had the idea to build a small house. Together, they constructed a miniature house, perfectly built down to the last detail. Many people choose to live smaller. If you have a small house built for you or are going to build one yourself, you can save a lot of money on mortgage and notary payments.

In recent years, there has been a worldwide shortage of housing, which has resulted in houses and apartments become increasingly more expensive. Many people are not able to buy because they cannot obtain a large enough mortgage or have too little savings. This couple came up with the perfect solution for this problem!

This small cottage is really perfect for two people to live in. It is only 16m2 but once you see the inside, you will absolutely want to live in it! This cottage really has everything a normal house has. The finishes are beautifully done with quality building materials.

The miniature house has a design bathroom, sleeping area, beautiful kitchen and a living room! All this within an area of 16m2! I find this project a really unique and great concept. Below you can see it from the top. The house has a lot of space and you can look at the stars together from your bedroom.

The living room is not large but very cozy. You can enjoy cooking in it and the bathroom is also large. This could also be a great holiday home. The cost to build this cottage is about 20,000 euros. If you can save up this amount you do not have to take out a mortgage.

Would you like to live in this nice cottage of only 16m2? We are curious what you think of it. Share this beautiful cottage with your friends and family, especially those who are looking for a new home!