These four reasons why you should eat cucumber every day are amazing!

Cucumber is a common vegetable that is bought and eaten daily in the Netherlands. Cucumber is a fairly simple and neutral vegetable, which we often do not think too much about. It often comes on our bread, or in our salad, but we never really think much of it.

We have 4 reasons that have proven that cucumber has many more good qualities than you think. These four reasons why cucumber is very good for you I did not know at all, but now I’m going to eat it every day!

  • Cucumber reduces the chance of cancer! There are healthy substances in the vegetables that mainly reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • Cucumber is also good for your brain. In the cucumber, there is a substance called fisitin, this substance reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s!

Cucumber is also very tasty and healthy for you if you are on a diet and would like to lose weight. During this wonderful time that comes with barbecuing, there will certainly be a lot of cucumbers consumed. On the next page, read the other 2 important benefits of cucumbers.