The amount of detail visible in this house which is just 20m2 is unbelievable

This home is only 20m2 and the inside is finished using metal and wood. The home is ideal for trekking as it is small enough to be towed by most vehicles. This means you can live wherever you want to. These kinds of homes are becoming more popular because younger generations are struggling to get a mortgage. These homes are the solution because you don’t need a mortgage to be able to purchase one.

What makes this home different is the fact that it has been carefully designed to stand out. The use of wood and black metal ensures a level of contrast that makes it stand out.

Buying this home doesn’t require a mortgage, meaning you can live independently much more quickly. The only requirement is a sufficient savings account to purchase this home, but this is much less than it would be for a traditional home.

When you walk in the first thing you notice is the wood flooring. This is not standard wooden flooring, and yet it has all the traditional accents of a wood floor. There is space in the living room for a couch, or you can even install a fold out couch to save room. There is also the option to install a TV.

The large kitchen has a lot of functional storage space and has everything you need to prepare your food. There is also space for a dishwasher, an oven, and a large fridge. You can reach the bedroom via a wooden ladder. The bathroom has a shower, a toilet, and a sink, as well as space for a washing machine so you never have to wash by hand. This makes for an ideal home, you can have all the luxury you want and would have in a regular home.

As you can see this home has everything you could ever need and more, making it the ideal living space. You won’t have to struggle with requesting a mortgage, because you don’t need one. Can you already imagine living here? Let your friends know and share this message with them!