Thanks To This Tip, It’s Easy To Get Your Floor Free Of Scratches

Does your home have beautiful hardwood flooring? Unfortunately, wooden floors can easily get damaged by a simple scratch or dent. Due to the high costs of wooden flooring, this is quiet unfortunate. We were fortunate however, to succesfully renovate our first mortgage owned house by renovating the wooden flooring using a few cheap materials.

With a simple mixture you can easily make any scratch a lot less visible by blending it to look darker. Mix one part vinegar with an equal amount of olive oil and pour it into a spray bottle. Mix it together by shaking the bottle and spray a small amount onto a discreet area (underneath the couch for example or cupboard) first to make sure it doesn’t leave too much of a color difference.

If this isn’t the case, spray a small amount onto the scratch and, using a soft (micro fibre) cloth, proceed to rub it in. Though the scratch won’t disappear, the result will be astounding as the scratch will be a lot less noticable. Read page 2 to find out how you can remove stains and dents from your floors!