She Rubs Her Hands With Coffee Grounds. The Reason? This Is So Clever!

Dry marinades Like to barbeque and have to marinade or season every piece of meat? If so, then dry marinades are perfect for it. You can add ground coffee to the spices to emphasize the smokey taste. It will taste good.

Brownies Do you want to give your brownies an exotic touch? Add a teaspoon of ground coffee into the batter. After they have been baked, you will find yourself in a fascinating and exotic country. Now who doesn’t want that?

Washbasin Is your washbasin clogged? No problem! Simply mix 125g of ground coffee with 125ml of dish soap and pour it all into the drain. Tip an entire kettle of hot water down after it, and then, finished!

Hands Do your hands smell, despite having washed them multiple times? Rub some ground coffee into them and then wash it off. I bet you that the smell has disappeared now. Ground coffee is perfet for neutralizing smells!

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