She Cuts A Pair Of Men’s Underwear With Scissors. By The End, I Knew I Had To Try This.

If you are creative and handy then you can make something fun, as this woman does. She makes a top for women out of men’s underwear. She only does this with the use of scissors! She does not even use a needle and thread to make the top. Now I would not dare to wear this top myself, but it is extraordinary to see that you can make something completely different from just a pair of men’s underwear. You hardly need anything for it and it is not that hard to make either!

This way you can see that if you yourself are a bit creative and can come up with this idea yourself, something else can be made of it. How beautiful is that! You can easily do this yourself and it also takes little time! Are you curious about the end result? Take a quick look at the video below! What do you think of this? Let us know!

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