Quickly Clean Your Gutters Thanks To This Trick

It is best to clean your gutter in early Spring. Cleaning your gutter once a year is sufficient unless you are living in a neighborhood with lots of trees or pooping pigeons. In this case, it is best to clean your gutter twice a year.

How to proceed:
Make sure the ladder is firmly standing against the wall and put your feet against the ladder legs. Then stretch your arms straight forward. If you can grab the ladder with outstretched arms, the ladder is safe to climb.
Gently scoop out all the loose debris from your gutter using a garden trowel. This is best done when the material is damp.
Rinse out
Use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse out your gutter. Place the garden hose in the gutter and slowly push the nozzle towards the rain pipe. You can remove the remaining dirt using a wire brush.
Rinse your gutter well so that it will be completely free of blockages!

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