I will NEVER throw away my old belt, this is genius!

Many men but also women wear a belt every day. A belt matches many outfits and it is useful if your pants are too big to wear a belt. Unfortunately, a belt is not a durable product. Belts will eventually wear out or you will think they are not beautiful anymore; then you will throw them away or give them to someone else. You must NEVER throw it away anymore! We have found a great tip that will give your belt a second life.

This is definitely a fun do-it-yourself project for the upcoming Christmas vacation! You can still use your old belt for many purposes. For this project, you need at least 2 shelves, no panic, you do not need a saw. With simple building materials, you are very far already! Curious about this fun do-it-yourself project?

You start off by forming two boards evenly. Mostly use materials that you have at home. Paint the shelves with a sponge, choose a colour and then choose the shelf that fits your decor. You do need some building materials, but you probably already have them at home, like a ruler. We did not know that you could design beautiful things just by using your old belt.

This definitely adds something to your wall. This is fun for the living room or bedroom! Wonderful result don’t you think? Of course, this goes too fast, but do not worry: we have added a handy video in which you can imitate all steps one by one. In this way, you can also create beautiful wall decorations! See the nice video below. Are you about to make this soon? Let us know and SHARE this fun do-it-yourself idea with your friends on Facebook!