I Didn’t Know It Was So Simple To Make Your Own Key

When I leave my house I always check that I have my keys on me, forgetting your keys would be incredibly annoying, of course. You’d be locked out of your own home! We have some friends who just bought their first home that got locked out because they lost their key.

The only thing you can do is wait for someone with a spare key or for a locksmith. But you’ve probably had it happen to you before, coming back from a party and at night you find out that you lost your keys. The locksmiths are closed and you have to get someone out of bed to open the door, we have found a handy solution for this!

The trick is very simple but it’s always nice to have a good solution at hand in case your key is broken or lost. On the next page 2 you’ll find the video on how you can fix this yourself!