Get Rid Of Weed! Thanks To The Tips Of This Gardener, Your Garden Will Be Wonderful Again

When the temperatures become pleasant and the sun starts shining again, you can expect miracles for your garden. Everything grows and blooms. Unfortunately not only your plants and flowers .. Weeds too .. Before you get to the chemicals and expensive weed killers, first read the following tips.

1. Hot water With this tip, all the weeds will melt like snow in the sun. Simply pour a jar of boiling hot water over the weeds. Of course, be careful with your beautiful plants and flowers, because such a warm bath is not pleasant for them.

2. Woodchips In order to grow and survive, weeds need light. It is therefore an effective idea to cover the soil with woodchips. That way weeds get less chance to grow and to overrun your garden. This requires a thick layer of woodchips.

3. Baking soda Does weeds grow between your garden tiles on your terrace? Baking soda can help you! Sprinkle some salt between the tiles. Sweep it between the tiles where the weeds grow. The plants can not grow well in a salty soil and will soon disappear.

On the next page you can read the other tips from the gardener to remove weeds from your garden. These tips will save you a lot of time and money!