Be Careful Never Put These Things Down Your Drain

Most people have a dishwasher at home, but there are still people who do not have one, which is all right! If you have eaten enough, you usually throw away the food remains. Some people, however, put them down their drain. You really should not do that with some items!

Putting food remains down your sink may cause the drain to be blocked as well as the pipes. If your drain gets blocked and you can not fix it yourself, you have to hire a plumber to solve the problem. If the blockage increases, a sewer service company may even have to be brought in to solve it.

Of course, you can solve this problem fairly easily by paying attention to what you put down your sink. This is because certain foods can damage both the environment and especially your drain!

1 Cooking oil

Food that has been prepared using cooking oil is one of the biggest causes of blockages. If you mix the oil with other waste, it will form fatbergs inside your drain. In addition to oil, you should never put mayonnaise, butter and margarine down the drain!

2 Eggshells

If you throw eggshells down your drain, you may damage your pipes. If other your drain already contains other food remains, eggshells will cause the blockages to increase even more.

3 Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are insoluble in water, which can cause a buildup in your pipes. This causes other foods to increase the drain blockage. Coffee grounds are best thrown away in the trash to prevent further problems.

4 Rice

A grain of rice can easily be flushed down the drain, but once it is inside the pipes, the grain of rice will continue to expand when it comes in contact with water. This quickly causes a large blockage that often needs to be fixed by a plumber, which is very expensive!

5 Flour

Flour combined with water quickly turns into some sort of mucus. It is very bad for your drain to be blocked by this substance.

6 Produce sticker

Produce stickers from, for example, fruit or vegetables can easily become loose when they come into contact with water. Unfortunately, these stickers are hard to dissolve in water, which means they can block filters in your pipes. This can eventually cause a large blockage!

Share these important foods with all households in the world to save a lot of problems and money!