Are You Suffering From A Stench And Maggots In Your Trash Can? With These 7 Handy Tips, You Will Not Be Bothered By This Again

It’s Summer again! That is, of course, very nice, but hot days like these also come with lots of vermin. There are plenty of useful tips on how to get rid of fruit flies, wasps and mosquitoes, but many people suffer from maggots in their container as well. Time for tips to get rid of these creatures! Below, you will find 7.

1. Place a few old newspapers at the bottom of the trash can, so that the leftovers are being removed and the moisture is being sucked up.


2. Are you already suffering from maggots in your container? Then put some fresh lavender in your trash can. Maggots can not stand it at all and they die by doing so. In addition, lavender also leaves your trash can smelling nice!

3. Place a sock made of panties filled with a few mothballs in the container. This will ensure that flies do not lay eggs. Make sure you remove the sock from the container every time it is emptied.

4. Before throwing meat or fish in your trash can, first wrap it in kitchen paper. Flies can not reach it, so they cannot lay any eggs.

5. Keep the container’s cover slightly open. Maggots do not like sun, light and dry spots.

6. Make sure that all trash bags are properly closed before throwing them in the container.

7. Regularly clean your container with vinegar and water.

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