96-Year-Old Woman Wanted to Sell Her House, But When the Estate Agent Saw the Interior, He Was Stunned

When this apparently “normal” family home was first built 72 years ago, no one would have expected it to turn up in the news again.

When the 96-year-old owner recently decided to put the house up for sale, it became clear what she had always managed to keep hidden behind the facade of normality. From the outside, the house looks perfectly normal, but when the estate agent entered for the first time, he was in for a shock.

This looks like a normal house, doesn’t it?

It was as if he had gone back to the 50s in a time machine. But as soon as you enter, it becomes clear that something special is hidden behind the everyday facade. “I have always tried to be an individual and to follow my own style. My favorite colors are pink, purple, and bright ocean blue,” relates the owner. Despite her age, she has always maintained the house by herself. The dining room is very decorative, and her favorite colors quickly become apparent.

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