14 foods that make you look older! 11 is shocking..

The food you eat every day has a direct effect on your lifespan. Many foods, drinks and bad habits such as smoking lead to premature aging.

The processed foods contain toxins that accumulate in your body, so you can later all get complications in your health. Try to avoid these 14 foods on the next page and your body will be grateful for this.

1 Fast Food is the leader in the aging process

Fast Food is bad for your health, it is full of trans fatty acids. Most Fast Food restaurants offer you meals that contain little or no energy. The fats can even create blockages in your blood vessels.

The food is difficult to digest, so you store it in your body as fat. You will not find a Fast Food restaurant that offers a meal that contains little or no trans fats. This affects a certain chromosome in your body which speeds up your aging process.

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